Reel Time Blog Tour ending with a Giveaway

Montag, 20. April 2015

I so enjoyed all the brilliant ideas and projects of the well-known bloggers contributing to this blog tour and I hope you did too!  Here is a collage of all the ideas the came up with

.reeltimeblogtour Zen Chic

The bloggers were

Lily’s quilts, Lynne Goldsworthy
A quilt is nice, Nettie Peterson
Kitchentablequilting, Erica Jackman
Diary of a quilter, Amy Smart
Freshly pieced, Lee Heinrich
Modern Handcraft, Nicole Daksiewicz
Lucky Lucille, Rochelle New, Kelly Smith
A spoon full of sugar, Lisa Cox

I’m super happy about having had these cool girls on board and looove what they gave as eye-candy. I hope this all inspired you to own sewing projects and gave you lots of ideas how to play with the new fabric line.

One lucky winner will have the chance to start at one with her project: You will get a REEL TIME layer cake.

The winner will be drawn randomly at Wednesday. To have a chance to win please leave a comment and let us know, why you think you need that Layer Cake or what you will do with it.



Reel-Time-Zen-Chic layer cake



Zen Chic’s Brand new modern Fabrics – Reel Time - COMING TO STORES NOW

Freitag, 10. April 2015

REEL TIME blog tour, Zen Chic modern fabrics

Since the first sneak peek of REEL TIME  last fall a lot of you were asking and already impatiently awaiting the new fabric line coming to stores. Good news: this month they will arrive in most of your favorite shops!

To celebrate the new line let me introduce the lovely fabrics by a blog tour. I am supported by a wonderful group of well known modern quilters who have inspiring blogs which you will love (if you aren’t already their passionate follower).

Each of them will give you their personal review of the fabrics, how they would play with them, what ideas they were inspired by – and some already revealed to me that they will show you a little project!
Doesn’t this sound too good to miss! I can’t wait to see, what they came up with! (I’m always not only curious about but also delighted to see, in which way other quilters use the fabrics I created once on my computer screen. They come to life and they make beautiful things – quilts, bags, a girl’s dress, a nice gift. I’m so blessed with a profession that is much more, it’s a passion!

To get to the point: here is our schedule for the blog tour. Don’t miss to hop over to every one and see their personal view and ideas with the fabrics. I promise you’ll get some delicious ideas.

11. April Lynne Goldsworthy from Lily’s Quilts
12. April Nettie Peterson from A quilt is nice
13. April Erica Jackman from Kitchen Table Quilting
14. April Lee Heinrich from Freshly Pieced
15. April Amy Smart from Diary of a Quilter

16. April Nicole Daksiewicz from Modern Handcraft
17. April Rochelle New from Lucky Lucille
18. April Kelly Smith  from,
19. April Lisa Cox from A Spoon full of Sugar

Come back on the end of this tour, on the 20th of April, for a chance to win some fabrics and a pattern, I will host a giveaway.

Write on White, Zen Chic, reel time, moda

Modern Craft and Sewing Room

Montag, 26. Januar 2015

room to create, zen chic

As a designer for modern fabrics and for quilt patterns I was recently invited to be featured in the premier issue of ROOM TO CREATE. It is a brand-new magazine, which inspires with craft spaces of women. All sorts of crafts – paper design, sign making, fine art, styling, scrapbooking, sewing and – yes, quilting!

Here is a sneak peek of the fresh magazine brimming with eye-candy and organizing tips

Room to Create, Zen ChicRoom to create, Zen chicRoom to create, Zen chicRoom to create, Zen chic

If you want to have some valuable tips how to decorate and organize your craft room, be inspired by other women and how they run their business, get your copy at the newsstands now!

Now – here are two big chances for you!   

1 You are invited too! If you think you have an inspiring craft room and some organizing tips to share:

contact the magazine at if you want to submit your craft rooms/studios/ateliers to them for consideration! The magazine needs your contact information, blog name and URL and some pictures of the room. They are also now considering smaller spaces - like a wall, a craft closet, a great cabinet, etc.

2 this is a giveaway – So for your chance to win a copy of this beautiful issue, please forward this blog post to a friend who

might be interested in contributing to the new magazine either with her craft room or with a smaller space. Thank you!

Sew Together Bag in REEL TIME fabrics

Dienstag, 20. Januar 2015

Sew Together Bag Reel Time, Zen Chic

Our MQG met for literally sewing together a bag, the SEW TOGETHER BAG from SewDemented (pattern available at craftsy). Of course I would sew this bag with my new upcoming line REEL TIME, expected to be in stores in April. I was so eager to make that bag, that I had already cut all pieces days ahead and on Sunday morning I packed my car (including heaving the heavy machine into the car, preparing lunch and so on).
Started by worrying about the snow falling densely, but still hoping I can make it on the street. At this point I have to admit that my car don’t have the legally prescribed winter tires (I use the car only randomly and can go for groceries by feet, in case it’s snowy). But just that day I was not able to get a bus on Sunday morning to bring my machine, may iron and all my sewing supplies to the house where our meeting was ;-(
Slippery road conditions forced me not to drive any further and to turn back to my home.

But hey – we live in a world of tele-communication: I sewed at home and exchanged pictures with my group back and force via What’s app. So fun!

And here is my bag, some pics of the process:

Sew Together Bag, Reel Time, Zen chic

Sew Together Bag, Reel Time, Zen chic

Sew Together Bag, Reel Time, Zen chic

Sew together bag, Reel Tiem, Zen chic

This little red clips are really helpful when “pinning” stiff and fused fabrics together. 

Sew together bag, Reel Tiem, Zen chic

The finished bag is a birthday present for my daughter, who is a passionate artist, drawing with pencils. As a biological scientist she draws amazing illustrations of all kinds of research objects.

The bag’s outside is pieced together from a Mini-Charm Pack of REEL TIME and the inside is filled with all kind of specialty drawing pencils, rubber gums and so on. And as a little fun accessory the zipper got a miniature model figure ;-) 

Sew Together bag, Reel Time, Zen Chic

Sew together bag, Reel Time, Zen Chic

Can you spot what the binding fabric is saying? There’s written: GIVE ME A KISS I LOVE YOU. This happened coincidentally, but: hey, the words couldn’t have chosen better!
The inside with graphite lining in the pockets  

Sew together bag, Zen Chic, Reel Time

Sew together bag, Zen Chic, Reel Time

Moda Love blog-hop winner

Samstag, 13. September 2014

Thank you  everyone for coming along to my blog, for reading and commenting. Thank you for all the compliments on the new line Figures and the BIG PLUS pattern. I enjoyed every post here on the blog and on my facebook fanpage.
I can't wait to see some of your projects finished! I’m always glad if you send me pictures of what you have made out of my fabrics and will happily share it. I love FB’s possibility to just type in a quick note or just click on “like”, to let you know I got your line and to keep up with each other in an informal way!
May I share some more ideas for using the FIGURES line?
We have a great range of new patterns released accompanying these maritime prints. And as a special precut Moda made Honey combs for this line. So of course I created a Honey comb pattern:
Hexagon Brilliance Zen Chic FIGURES
This is an easy to sew pattern, since it allows you to join the hexagon shapes by your sewing machine. For those of you who love hand sewing you can of course use the English Paper Piecing method and piece by hand in a cozy chair watching your favorite TV show.
I mentioned that I’ll become a granny, but even before I got to know these wonderful news, I already had designed two baby-projects for young mums. Is that a coincidence???
Zen Chic Water World Friends Figures Dream big Zen Chic Figures
Little toys for little fingers and a baby blanket.
I have also some patterns for the FIGURES precuts:
Modern Retro uses a Layer Cake and has this really soft tone-in-tone numbers print as a background
Zen Chic Modern Retro Figures
as well does the pattern Playing with balls (do you remember my circle piecing method from the Moda Lab video?)
Zen Chic, Playing with balls Figures
and SYNCHRO.   Since Synchro needs only a half of a Layer Cake for the front, I created a reversible quilt, using the other half for the backside. So you have even two quits. Well, that’s a good use of one precut!
Zen Chic, Synchro, Figures
I love all the colorful tapes which you can use for craft projects, Washi-tapes is the name, isn’t it? And a Jelly Roll is the perfect material for making a kind of Washi-tape-quilt.
Mine is called TAPE IT
Zen Chic,Tape it, Figures
So I thought for all of you who participated in this blog hop and cheered my work up with your comments and results I will offer a
We have a 20% discount on all Zen Chic PDF patterns (the newest ones featuring the FIGURES line aren’t available as PDFs so far, except the Hexagon pattern – but we have lots of beautiful patterns using Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes and more in the PDF-shop). For this sale use the coupon
through the end of Monday! This is the first sale we offer, we rarely do, so take advantage while you can!
So, now to our blog hop winner!
It is Frauke who said:
Congratulation to you becoming a grandma;-)
and thanks for the giveaway!
You still have to bring out a line of fabric I don’t like ;-))
The newest collection is soooo beautiful – again!!
Frauke, please send me your address so I can ship the fabric bundle to you!
Thank you all for participating – if you want me to keep informed about new fabric lines and patterns ( I will have out a new line in October called REEL TIME), please sign up for my NEWSLETTER

Moda fabrics giveaway, Zen Chic

Mittwoch, 10. September 2014

Hello my dear friends! It’s been a while since I posted on my blog and at least each blog hop brings me back to this place. Most of you are connected with me meanwhile at facebook where we meet every single day and exchange ideas and inspiration.
What I have to tell today is way too long for a facebook post. I’m gonna talk about what’s going on right now here at the Zen Chic Studio, chat about some quilt layout ideas and give you all details about how to win a Fat Eighth fabric bundle of my current line FIGURES.
moda Blog hop Zen Chic
So first let’s talk a bit about quilt layouts. When we, the Moda team, are at Market, we have a kind of presentation there (called Schoolhouse) where we all show the newest fabrics and patterns. And to find a mutual subject, Lissa, our Marketing Director, sends out each time a task to everyone. Actually it is the same task for everyone, but of course we will show our personal twist on it.
In Pittsburgh Schoolhouse our task was to sew a quilt (looks like a mega block) with a layer cake from our fabric line. Each person had that same quilt layout as a starter, but ended up with her personal interpretation on it.
So that was our original layout – the Moda Love Layer Cake Quilt  (which you can download as a free pattern here).
Moda Love Layer Cake Quilt
Of course I wanted to interpret this block in a more modern way, so I started to exchange plain squares by simple Lob Cabins to form some Pluses, to turn some blocks around and give them another direction – and to make it even more impressive to arrange the prints in color order.
I eventually ended up with a version, which looks quite modern and definitely needed an own pattern ;-)
I called it BIG PLUS and it’s now available in my pattern series.
Big Plus Zen Chic
And then we do also more fun stuff at Markets, this year for example we were all sewing scientists (at least pretending scientists) working in the Moda Laboratory. We wore a Lab Coat and taught our audience about our tips and tricks. Would you like to get to know Prof. Dr. Dr. Zen Chic from the Institute for Sophisticated Quilting? Voilà.
My new line Figures has a maritime color way with a nautical blue, aqua, salmon, linen and saffron in it and the patterns in the line are as always graphic and fresh. I was playing around a bit with sorting the fabrics by colors and figuring out how different a quilt would look if I just scale the complete range of fabrics down to certain color stories. I was surprised by the many variations I got:
I could have a serious and way of masculine look with the saffron/nautical combination
Figures saffron Zen Chic
or a very feminine look by choosing the salmons and linens
Figures salmon Zen Chic
but it could also be jus a youthful combination for a teenager with the aquas and reds.
Figures young Zen Chic
or it would look lovely for a boys nursery… (BTW: I will become grandma of a little boy for the first time. Next January, so happy!!!)
Figures navy nursery
I could play for hours to find new combinations… But I’m sure you have your own ideas and imagination and you will come up with projects that surprise me and make me oohing and aahing. (I love when you send me some pictures, which I can show).
So – you will need fabric! Of course! Time to talk about our giveaway. Here is a darn yummy bundle of Fat Eighths waiting for you!
Zen Chic Figures Fat Eight
For your chance to win: please hop over to my Zen Chic facebook page, like it (so you are a follower, you will get the news and inspiration and we can meet there) and leave a comment on my facebook’s post about this blog hop. That’s all!

HERE IS AN UPDATE: Since some of you said they are not at FB and wouldn't have a chance to win:
Your comment on my blog will also go in the drawings. So if you are not a FB user, you will have a chance to win if you comment on my blog also.

Today my Moda colleagues Kathy Schmitz and Edyta Sitar are also posting their giveaways. Don’t miss to stop by and take your chance to win.
The winners of this blog hop will be announced at the 13th of September.

Let’s start the fun again

Dienstag, 2. September 2014

Hello my dear friends. Great news! For the next 11 days you can not only dream of your favorite fabric, you will have even the chance to win one for free. And since many people will take this chance, there won’t be only one prize, no – three prizes per day!

So there are lot’s of opportunities to take part in the fun of the new Moda Blog Hop tour.

Today you can start the hopping and follow through the next couple of days these blog-links


Janet Clare Designs –

Kate Spain –

Thimbleblossoms –


Amy Ellis –

Eric +Julie Comstock-

Stephanie Ryan Design Studio –


Malka Dubrawski –

Blackbird Designs –

Lauren + Jessi Jung –

Lella Boutique –


Basic Grey –

Fig Tree and Co. –

Pat Sloan –


April Rosenthal –

French General –

Minick and Simpson –


Cotton Way –

Sandy Gervais –

Primitive Gatherings –

SEPTEMBER 10, 2014

Bunny Hill –

Deb Strain -

Kansas Troubles –

SEPTEMBER 11, 2014

Kathy Schmitz –

Laundry Basket Quilts –

Zen Chic –

SEPTEMBER 12, 2014

Me and My Sister Designs –

Jan Patek –

Sweetwater –


So stay tuned – and join the fun

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