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Donnerstag, 3. September 2009

Strolling through the Patchwork Magazine I often thought by myself "MG, why do those pictures not compliment the quilts in a better way?" But this time, when I opened the new issue I was sooo exited. If I ever could have determined how my new modell should be presented I couldn't have made it any better. The interior style is so perfectly fitting - I'm really glad with this presentation! Just click at the picture and have a closer look.
The kit is available at http://www.farbstoff.org/

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wishes, true and kind hat gesagt…

Hi, Brigitte. It's Joan from Facebook. I didn't know you had a blog or were on flickr! I will follow your blog and look for you on flickr. I love this quilt! It is so pretty, fresh, and modern. Excellent job! Come by my blog sometime:

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