Pure white

Donnerstag, 3. September 2009

Strolling through the Patchwork Magazine I often thought by myself "MG, why do those pictures not compliment the quilts in a better way?" But this time, when I opened the new issue I was sooo exited. If I ever could have determined how my new modell should be presented I couldn't have made it any better. The interior style is so perfectly fitting - I'm really glad with this presentation! Just click at the picture and have a closer look.
The kit is available at http://www.farbstoff.org/

Batik- black-white

Mittwoch, 2. September 2009

Today I won half a day, my foot was swollen and I was not able to drive my car to my job (hmhmhm.....) but it was not tooo swollen for standing in front of my machine doing longarm quilting and let dancing my needle over the top while listening to "Billie Jean" ;-)

I was told this is a socalled "mental health day" and I surley need not only one of it (can I book a whole month?)
(I hope my foot will be fine by Friday so I can go out for dancing...)
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