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New Zen Chic Quilt Patterns featuring Barcelona

Montag, 13. Mai 2013

Hi, this is me again. Christine of Last week I promised to come back for a reveal of Brigitte’s new patterns for Zen Chic.

During the last four weeks, almost all of our MQG Bielefeld members have been helping Brigitte to prepare for Spring Quilt Market 2013 in Portland. Along with her new fabric line for MODA,“Barcelona”, she designed seven brand new patterns. As these new fabrics arrive only shortly before quilt market, there’s not much time to get those quilts for her booth done. So we volunteered to piece some quilt tops. She still had to piece the backing, baste, quilt and bind all those quilts…

Last Saturday was our monthly MQGB-Sew-In and we had a big Show & Tell with all the quilts WE MADE FOR PORTLAND (o;
(Can you tell we are a tiny little bit proud to be part of this Quilt Market Crazyness…?!)

This is Brigitte with an appliqué quilt named “Clarity”

Brigittes Quilt 1

… details of her beautiful quilting:

Brigittes Quilt 1 Detail of Quilting

…and the final pattern cover (available just in time for Quilt Market):


Evelyne made this cute Baby Quilt Top – the first Baby Quilt Pattern Brigitte designed for a fabric line):

Evelynes Quilt

Brigitte chose this boy-ish quilt design that features cars and arrows.

Evelynes Quilt Detail Quilting

And this is the cover of “Child’s Play”, a beginner friendly quilt pattern.

Child's Play

This is Brigitte explaining “Thirtythree”, a quilt that uses the “Street Map” Prints of her fabric line “Barcelona”. She added the “magical number” 33 to the quilt as another hommage to Antoni Gaudí, who referred to #33 in his buildings repeatedly.

Brigittes Quilt 2

A close-up of her longarm machine quilting:

Brigittes Quilt 2 Detail of Quilting

And the final booklet cover of her pattern:


Ulrike made this gorgeous quilt top titled “Pure”:

Ulrike H. Quilt 2

Brigitte (and her partner Martin) added this stunning zig zag quilting…

Ulrike H. Quilt Detail Quilting

… that shows best on the backing…

Ulrike H. Quilt Detail Quilting on Back

… and the cover is to die for, isn’t it?!


There is a second Ulrike in our MQG who made this beautiful quilt (but could not be there on Saturday):

Ulrike S. Quilt

Brigitte added a spiraling quilting design and machine-bound this green beauty using a decorative stitch of her sewing machine.

Ulrike S. Quilt Binding

The Booklet Cover for “Quiet Haven”:

Quiet Haven

This rather straight line quilt top was made by me. Brigitte designed it as a wall hanging for a clearly structured office space.

Christines Quilt

To soften those straight lines and bold color contrasts, she chose a curvy-kidney-kind-of-quilting.

Christines Quilt Detail Quilting

And here is how she designed the final pattern cover photo:

Gray Matters

Last but not least, this is Brigitte again with another quilt: “Shine Through”, that was designed as an homage to Gaudí’s famous mosaics.


…she quilted it with a straight barcode design…

Shine Through Detail

… and made this stunning cover (my favorite…).

Shine Through

That’s the seven quilts we helped making for Spring Quilt Market. There were two more for US based Quilting Magazines that we can’t show you right now. For those two Christa (who wasn’t at the Saturday’s meeting either, so we have no picture of her) was the helping angel. As soon as these both quilts are published and at newsstands, we can catch up on showing them. That a grand total of nine quilts in 4 weeks. And although we helped piecing and appliqueing, Brigitte still had to make backings, baste them, quilt them on her longarm machine and bind them. I am totally impressed by all the efforts she puts into each new fabric and pattern line and the perseverance to get everything done in time. I love each and every pattern she designed (but then, I am biased, I guess…).

Which one is your favorite?!

Brigitte, have a nice and safe trip to Portland and back!
And don’t forget to bring back many memories and photos to share during our next monthly Quilt Talk!


P.S. Did you enter Brigitte’s Giveaway? There’s still time (until she gets back from Portland)…


Note from Brigitte: Thank you, thank you and did I already say THANK YOU my dear friends!!!! You know – I wouldn’t have managed everything in time without your help, and I’m very grateful I can rely on you all, your support and your skills. XOXOXO

13 Kommentare:

Mary hat gesagt…

Wow, I can't wait until these are available. Zen Chic is my new obsession, lol! LOVE the patterns, and the fabric.

stufenzumgericht hat gesagt…

For me, it's Shine Through, too ;-)

Bea hat gesagt…

Fascinating. Das sind total tolle Muster. Tolle Ideen. Clarity ist mein Favorit. Oder doch Pure?
Quiet Haven sieht auch phantastisch aus....Da kann ich mich ja gar nciht entscheiden....
Super! hat gesagt…

beautiful quilts and lovely photography

Christine S hat gesagt…

wow, i love them all!!

Dianne Neale hat gesagt…

How exciting to be involved in this. The quilts are all stunning (and the quilting is amazing too!)

quilthexle hat gesagt…

Die sind alle wunderschön ... aber mein absoluter Favorit ist "pure". TOLL !! viel Erfolg in Portland ;-))

Nilya hat gesagt…

PURE - my favorite is PURE!!
But they are all so wonderful - WOW!
Wirklich grandios... und die Fotos... Wahnsinn

lizzieslog hat gesagt…

My favourite is shining through. The Barcelona collection is fabulous.

Katherine hat gesagt…

Amazing. Each quilt is so beautifully done. I'm admiring the design, the fabrics and the quilting on each. Wow. Hard to choose a favourite... Pure and Shining Through are my top choices.

Brigitte's designs and fabric lines are gorgeous. Lucky to have the help of friends to get things ready for Market. Bravo!

Sharon hat gesagt…

These patterns are fantastic! Design, photography, quilts. Wow! Can't wait to see Barcelona fabric

Hannele hat gesagt…

Beautiful patterns and quilts!

Robin hat gesagt…

Thank you for participating in the Blog Hop. I didn't know about your blog before this and am happy to be following via Feedburner now. I love Pure - it's simple lines and very peaceful feeling. Thank you!


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