Dienstag, 21. Februar 2017

Thank you dear readers for participating and following the ZEN CHIC INSPIRED Blog Hop. I could learn so much from your comments, who gave me ideas how to make it easier for you to design your own quilt or to find more confidence in color choices.

Of course I'd like to give  something to everyone, but - well, the book goes to HILDY who commented

The hardest thing for me is to find the perfect fabric for the pattern I have in mind and the other way around. Sometimes I have a great fabric but not the right pattern. And then the actual quilting part ... not so easy on a domestic machine and I don't know really about longarm quilters in Germany. Would love to win your book and have a great time at quiltcon.

Hildy, I will contact you.
For all of you who would like to have another chance to win: tomorrow we'll have a mutual giveaway together with Martingale,  Moda and Zen Chic on Instagram and Facebook. There are another three books to win. Check it out and take your chance.

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Hildy hat gesagt…

Danke Brigitte ich freu mich schon auf dein Buch:-)

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