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Why Zen Chic Inspired will make you a better modern Quilter - Part 1

Montag, 8. Mai 2017


Zen Chic Inspired is a new book, my first book, a guide for modern quilters. I connect the dots between Interior design and quilting by guiding you how to derive a quilt idea from a room, to be more exact: from that room which is the quilt's destination.
The book gives you 12 project examples with clear instructions to make your own version of the idea.
But it also gives you design-tips to develop an own idea.


The book is for the modern quilter, for the one who loves colorful, simple and minimalist quilts, unique quilts with an artistic approach. It has projects from beginner to advanced level, with piecing and appliqué techniques.
It is also for the quilter who aims to improve their quilt design skills and gives you some tips and exercises.

ZEN CHIC INSPIRED will make me a better modern Quilter? Really?

That's a statement, which needs a proof, I would say! And I think you can judge yourself. But first, I have to tell you the behind-the-scenes story...

It all started with a party...

My new book and reference examples dropped in and that was a perfect time to invite all my quilt buddies who helped with sewing the tops for the book quilts. We celebrated, had champagne and strolled through the new copies, we giggled, laughed and had a really good time. I showed a bit about my design process, a kind of a slide show, which I had prepared for Quiltcon.

This is my design process,

the little slide show, which shows how I go from a room and a given scenario and find colors and design elements, which lead in the end to my final idea (enlarge it to full size to be able to read about the process):

And all of a sudden my buddy Christine had a brilliant idea:

She said: "Let's come up with a little challenge: We all start by a picture of a room. We all will have that same room as our resource. And then we will derive ideas out of this scenario. We will create a color palette, find design elements and sketch a quilt idea. We could even sew a little project. Wouldn't this be really fun to see in the end all the different results from just one inspiration."

Actually - why didn't I came up with such a brillant idea...(haha)
Of course, this would be totally awesome. I found a great interior picture the next day,

Photo von Houseology Interiors, flickr
I sent it out and the girls got started. This blog post series is about how everyone of them found her own perfect idea and you will be surprised and astonished as I was seeing, with what different ideas they came up.

The first quilt idea in the series

is from Karin Korff. Here are all her steps: She developed her color scheme, she found design elements and finally





Tataa - this is Karin's finished quilt top. What do you say?

The color scheme matches perfectly the room, where this quilt is designed for. The light and freshness of the room finds its equivalent in the mostly light background of the blocks. And the half circle is a reflection of all the rounded shapes she saw in the lamps. Right now the quilt top is a square, approximately lap-size. Karin says, she will add some more blocks to make it a twin-size bed-quilt for a friend.
I love it! And it is something she created just because of that photo, without any quilt pattern. Well done!


Thank you, Karin, for your contribution and your pictures!

What do you think?

Do you think the book, the philosophy and the idea to derive colors and design elements from a room was helpful for Karin's design process?

Here is what she says:

"Hat Spaß gemacht! Und macht Mut ! Außerdem bin ich jetzt bei Stoffkäufen vorsichtiger" means translated: "This was a lot of fun, and it was encouraging. And it made me more careful with my fabric choices".


KaHolly hat gesagt…

Absolutely! This book looks wonderful! It fills in the gaps!

Anne hat gesagt…

Love your patterns, love your fabric. I have made several quilts using both. Working on one right now. Have purchased your book , just waiting for it to arrive. Probably my favourite designer for modern quilts. Thank you.

Rosa hat gesagt…

This book looks fantastic.I love your fabrics and designs!

Carol hat gesagt…

I miss your posts that take inspiration from a photo, but your new book looks really inspirational and helpful just like those old blog posts.

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