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One pattern - Millions of possibilities!

Freitag, 13. Oktober 2017

Patterns are more versatile than you think

Everyone knows that kind of problem: 

You see a wonderful pattern - modern, sophisticated - absolutely lovely, but the color combination is completely different than your interior style. 
You want to sew that beauty, but you have no place in your house, that would go with it! 
To left the pattern in the store will break your heart, and your day ist ruined..
Trust me, I know that feeling!

But.. I have the solution!

No tears anymore!
Buy your favorite and I show you, how you can use that pattern to create a quilt, that will go well with your interior design! 

Step 1: 

Take a photo of the place, where the quilt will be. 
..Bedroom, Living Room..
That's the easiest way to capture the atmosphere and color scheme.

Step 2: 

Use a photo editing program or Moda's color palette builder to create a color palette of the color scheme. 

Step 3: 

Choose the right color portions, main and background colors.

Step 4: 

No Step 4!! 
You are already have your perfect color scheme and combinations, so look for the perfect fabrics in that colors and begin to sew the perfect quilt with your favorite patten!

Easier said than done?

I prove you the opposite! 

I have chosen SHAKING UP from my book Zen Chic Inspired as my favorite pattern. It's a super easy and sophisticated pattern, perfect for Beginners and also Pros. 

That's the color scheme example, which I have used in my book. Let's go..

Living room with deep and bright colors? 

You want to use that pattern with light and warm hues colored fabrics ? 

We can also change that color scheme with these 3 simple and easy tricks to adapt it to a

girly bedroom!

..or to a rustic design..

Or to a cozy bedroom in natural shades!

And that is how the final quilt will look like. It's perfect for the room, isn't it?

All steps are exactly explained in my book and demonstrated with pictures and examples. 
It also includes 12 totally different patterns with step-by-step instruction and color scheme examples!

Do you already have sewn one of my Zen Chic Inspired patterns? 

I'm always excited to see your beautiful final creations! So, use the hashtag #zenchicinspired, as Penie Papazian has done, to share your quilts with us sewing-addicts! 
I'm so glad that I'm allowed to show her beauties!

SHAKING UP quilted by  Penie Papazian
ON THE BALL quilted by Penie Papazian
There you can also see the effect of color combinations:

ON THE BALL colored by Brigitte Heitland

Different color palettes and color portions achieve totally different effects, so that every pattern goes well to every interior style! 

From country house style to modern black & white interior design, I'm excited how you have realized my patterns!


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