Dear reader, this blog was a nice place for quite a while to share my thoughts and stories. Meanwhile I got a new website and so I continue writing on my new's site blog.


Thank you.

Liebe Leserin, dieser Blog war für lange Zeit ein sehr netter Ort, meine Gedanken und Geschichten mit dir zu teilen. Inzwischen habe ich eine neue Website erstellt und werde jetzt den Blog dort fortsetzen.


und: "Danke!"

two new modells

Freitag, 21. November 2008

Boy, I was really bussy those days. Two new modells finished for the Patchworkmagzine ;-) (and along the way developing and publishing a very sophisticated second BOM and a "Storm at sea-Quilt")
Puh - give me a break, just let it be christmasdays or whatever to sit down, relax and have a cup of tea. Ok, my painfully groan isn't meant seriously - you know I love to do creative things and to play around with fabrics. I will never get tired of.
So let me show you my projects.

First is a babyquilt to give as a gift for your beloved crawling nieces or nephews.

And the second is a queensize bedquilt which I love for the crazy mix of colors. You like to see the entire developing process? Have a look at a video to find here


Sonntag, 21. September 2008

I just finished a quilt model for publishing in a German patchwork magazine.
The kit is available for order at my shop

My boys are growing up

Sonntag, 22. Juni 2008

Jonas just celebrated his 18th birthday and Ben's sixth birthday is today. Guess which sport is their favorite? Thinking of Beckham's hair cut... Exactly, it's soccer!
Jonas is such a talented soccer player and he often plays with his little brother. So Ben has also learned a lot of tricks. It's such a pleasure to watch them playing together.

Garden's green log cabin

Sonntag, 8. Juni 2008

The green of my yesterday's gardening inspired me for a log cabin


Samstag, 7. Juni 2008

Did I ever mention that green is my favorite color? I've spent a day in our garden, arranging a couple of new pots filled with pink flowers. Smelling the grass is wonderful.

Cushion for my daughter

Sonntag, 20. April 2008

Kissen für Nele und Finn, ursprünglich hochgeladen von Britsch2008

My daughter moved to Kiel where she got to knew a new boyfriend. The both have their first own flat and are very happy and also proud of.
So for a little gift I gave them this "Nele and Finn" couple cushion

Hidden Spools

Find here some slides showing the process of this project
Ein Viertel der Blöcke ist zusammengesetzt, ursprünglich hochgeladen von Britsch2008

A couple of month ago I posted a color exercise using "hidden spools" as blocks.
Now you can see a realisation of this exercise.

My daughter left her hometown to go for studies to Kiel and I told her that in US kids leaving for college usually get a quilt for their new next life step. So she enthusiastically wondered: "Does that mean you will sew me a quilt for my own?"

And yes, exactly my dear, you are absolutely right.
This is the quilt I made for her.


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