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Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2016

Moda Bella Solids Designer Select

Did you know, that Moda is coming up with a new product: a fat quarter bundle of 12 assorted solids in the very popular high fiber quality Moda is known for.
What is the special thing about those 12 colors in one bundle?

A DESIGNER (hear me say that magic word) has curated the color scheme. And, you know, it is always good to relay on a person experienced with and educated in color! You might ask “which designer” and the answer is: a whole couple of, maybe your favorite one.

Seven Moda designers started to curate their special bundle, a bundle that reflects those 12 colors, which coordinate best with their style.
You are a fan of Fig Tree? Welcome to a bundle of vanilla cream, strawberry red and olive green plus more of her well-known colors.
Bonnie and Camille are your heroes? Good news – you can now have the Bella Solids in fresh aqua, tomato red, pink, pistachio green, white and more in one bundle. 

You will also find bundles of Sweetwater, V&Co., Me & My Sister, Kate Spain and Zen Chic (yes, that’s me).

Some of the above designers keep their color scheme very consistent through all their collections, other change their colors from collection to collection and their style is consistent in their graphics for example.
I am one of the second group, changing my color scheme frequently. So when to decide which colors are typically Zen Chic I went with some, you will find very often in my ideas, like Zen Grey, Graphite, bleached white, orange, apple green. But I also thought of what is currently in stores (FOR YOU and FLOW, HEY DOT will come) and what would blend in well with hot trends. So I added pink, aquas, and a light salmon, deep burgundy.
(Ok, I have to be honest: I could create four or five more different assortments, just for the fun of it, and still find reasons, why those are typically Zen Chic, haha). Tataa, here is the Zen Chic Bella Designer Select.

Zen Chic Bella Designer Select

And there are more good news: Some of the designers who curated their bundle developed a pattern to feature it. And the cool thing is: you can use each bundle with each designer’s pattern, since all are based of 12 Fat Quarters of a different color.

Now here comes my pattern. It’s a free download
You can download your free pattern here

The settings are very versatile, and this it how it looks,

Or will it look like this? You choose J 

You have a lot of setting options with this pattern.

I hope you enjoy this gorgeous new product as much as I do!


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