Color formula 2

Donnerstag, 22. Februar 2007

I often like to use an impressing picture for example of a landscape
and take the most important colors as a guide for my quilt design. Here I could use a very popular color scheme from darkest blue to white
which colors my design like this

I think it's not too bad, but the colors are very pure. May be a good effect (think of Japanese indigo quilts), but could be also a little bit boring. So my second try will be to look for more nuances. In the picture I saw greens and browns too.

This wider range looks livelier.

Well, I like this one better, but best I like to add a very little pinch of exotic spice, means a contrasting color like a warm red in these cool blues.

That will do.


YankeeQuilter hat gesagt…

I saw your comment on Bonnie's blog and came by for a visit.

That is a very intersting color exercise. I like the final combination best with the bits of contrast scattered through the quilt.


nettiebear hat gesagt…

Hi Brigitte,

I like these too, and your tulip color exercise. You have a good eye. Nice start to your blog.

I live in Hamburg. What city do you live in? I don't really know any quilters in Germany, except one American friend.

P.S. I made a scrappier quilt like this, with a navy background. You can see it on my blog.

nettiebear hat gesagt…

Here's a link, since i'm not sure if it's easy to find (I'm also new to blogging)

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