Color formula 1

Mittwoch, 21. Februar 2007

Choosing and combining colors is for me like cooking. One has to find the right measurement of ingredients and to add a few yummy specials. And the most important is how it is spiced:

Oh, too dull, seems insipid and needs definitely more salt and pepper, perhaps a little bit chilli

But this one has got too much sweetener. Bah, such a toothache ...

For me nature is a perfect guide to find colors with brilliance which aren't garish at all. Just look at a picture of landscape or a flower like this marigold.

This seems to be the right luminosity to me

I found this wonderful example for my "color formula":

Isn't it a beauty? Simply using scraps in easy pieced blocks, but wonderful contrasting colors.
(I found it as an advertisement of a German manufacturer for quilting equipment)

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