80 memories of Amsterdam 3

Sonntag, 8. Juli 2007

Long time ago I wrote some news. So much to do and so less time ,-) and I just have a hard time to go through.
But today there are finally some pics of my finished Amsterdam project. The first project I did a lot of effort in machine quilting. Yes, and I think it was worth it...

The border is quilted like pinwheels by stipple quilting

The solid blocks have a quilted wreath, someone called it "Partybread"

Also the white triangles of the pinwheels are quilted while the different colored fabrics stand out. It was a very good exercise to get familiar with the quilting possibilities of my new Bernina. But it also means to have learned one thing makes you more demanding and looking for a new challenge


Nettie hat gesagt…

wow, it's gorgeous. I especially love how you quilted the border. how original!

Sheri hat gesagt…


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