Dear reader, this blog was a nice place for quite a while to share my thoughts and stories. Meanwhile I got a new website and so I continue writing on my new's site blog.


Thank you.

Liebe Leserin, dieser Blog war für lange Zeit ein sehr netter Ort, meine Gedanken und Geschichten mit dir zu teilen. Inzwischen habe ich eine neue Website erstellt und werde jetzt den Blog dort fortsetzen.


und: "Danke!"

A new book of wonderful inspirations…

Donnerstag, 26. September 2013

… is coming these days.

Quilters, Their Quilts, Their Studios, Their Stories   - a picture book full to the brim with impressions of all kind of different and unique personalities.

WWC Quilters book

You get to know stories of your most favorite quilters – Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett, Tula Pink, Kaari Meng, Tina Givens, you name it. You will have a look inside their studios and they will chat about how they organize their craft space.

The book includes really beautiful pictures, it’s a feast for the eyes, and the graphic layout is so appealing. Each personality tells about her(him)self and her/his journey to the place where they are nowadays, this alone was worth for me to have the book.

Each of them will share 4 quilt patterns and if you buy the book you will get access to the online download for the pattern instructions.

WWC Quilters book inside

See whom you can find between the pages:

WWC Quilters book content

Can you imagine how honored I felt when I was invited to be part of this book? It is just great to be in-between a group of my own favorite designers and celebrate with them our passion!

Now I was curious how the pages telling about Brigitte Heitland might look. And they turned out just gorgeous! It’s just so me and it reflects the sense and the feeling of my work, my passion for quilting, I love everything of these pages where my things are featured and am really happy to be part of such a book!

You want a sneak peek of my pages? I’m happy than I can reveal a snippet of it…

WWC quilters Brigitte Heitland


The book was edited by Jo Packham, who publishes the bestselling magazines Where Women Create and I am sure this book will become a bestseller too!

QUILTERS will be available by 1st of October so you can be one of the first to have it in hands!


Paula hat gesagt…

This looks like a really beautiful book. I'll be definitely putting this one on my Christmas list. Thank you for letting us know about it.

Malu hat gesagt…

Congratulations to be part of this interesting book and also to be at the top of the quilters. Das ist fast so etwas wie ein Ritterschlag. Herzlichen Glückwunsch.

SewCalGal hat gesagt…

This sounds like a wonderful new and exciting book. I certainly look forward to learning more about it and sharing insights with others on my blog.


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