Dear reader, this blog was a nice place for quite a while to share my thoughts and stories. Meanwhile I got a new website and so I continue writing on my new's site blog.


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Liebe Leserin, dieser Blog war für lange Zeit ein sehr netter Ort, meine Gedanken und Geschichten mit dir zu teilen. Inzwischen habe ich eine neue Website erstellt und werde jetzt den Blog dort fortsetzen.


und: "Danke!"

This trip was pretty adventurous

Montag, 12. Oktober 2009

It started with a bad surprise. Coming to the airport on Friday morning and putting my luggage on the belt the nice lady at the check-in desk let me know that I am not listed. She couldn’t just find my name. After some research it turned out that my flight was already expired because of a very stupid mistake: I booked the flight on the internet and typed in the wrong date. I booked for September instead of October. So this flight was lost. Can you imagine how much I was hopping mad about myself?
So after blaming myself for some hours I decided for another flight and get one for the next day. The plane should leave at 8:20 and as it takes about two hours of driving to the airport, so we started at 5:20. What we didn’t have considered was a fast-flowing stream of rain which made us slowing down our drive. In addition the navigation system failed. So we got a little bit nervous now.
But we finally arrived at 7:40, I ran into the building, gave my ticket to the very first Lufthansa employee for electronic check in, asked everybody to let me be the first in line for putting my luggage on the belt – and could make it. Puhhhhhhhh
My flight was Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Philadelphia, San Francisco. When we landed in Philadelphia there were only 25 minutes to get the next flight. During this time I had to pick up my luggage, go through customs, fill in the papers, pass security, recheck the suitcase and then walk about 2 miles from terminal A to C.
So once again I asked everybody for help and everyone was so supportive. People let me go forward so I was the first in line, and a very nice guy gave me a drive with such an airport wagon to terminal C. When I finally arrived 5 minutes before scheduled for leaving I was told the boarding is already closed and I have to wait for another connection. Oh no! That couldn’t be true. But it was.
Fortunately the next plane left two hours later and after a trip of about 30 hours (a sleeping pill helped me get some sleep during the time) I was at my sister’s home.

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Du Arme, das hört sich ja alles fürchterlich an! Hoffentlich klappt's beim Rückflug besser ;-)
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