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Charm Pack Cherry Fun

Montag, 24. Februar 2014


Charm Pack Cherry Zen Chic

So many lovely fabric collections at your quilt shop you just can’t resist. And then those appetizing charm packs in the shelves.
A quick and simple idea for a weekend project is always welcome – for a throw, a baby quilt or maybe with a thinner batting for a table cloth…
Voilà – fatquartershop gives you a free downloadable pattern using – as the name reveals – two charm packs and some solid. What I really love about: I can just buy my favorite collection in a bundle, I can even mix two related collections (one Charm Pack of each), I have a precut format which saves me lot of cutting time, the pattern is so easy and quick that I did the entire quilt in one weekend, it looks great although it is simple, all my charms of the bundle are used up, no waste here – this all summed up makes me to want sew another and another and another one: for the couch of my brother, for Mother’s Day, for the birthday of my best friend.

Spend about $30 for the top and a sewing weekend – and a nice quilt is ready – that’s perfect.
A nice group of designers is participating in this “pattern festival” and every designer will show you the quilt in  her current collection. Mine is SPHERE for Moda, a fresh, graphic and modern group with colors ranging from white, grey, blue, turquoise and teal to yellow.

Precuts and yardage from Sphere are already shipped to stores now.
 Zen Chic Sphere Charm pack
So where to get the miraculous pattern? Find the free download right here. Grab your assortment of fabrics, your ruler, rotary cutter and your cutting mat, and off you go.

Sphere fabrics Zen Chic

Zen Chic Sphere Charm Pack Cherry
Zen Chix Sphere Charm Pack Cherry

And tataaa! Here is the Sphere Charm Pack Cherry version!

Sphere Charm Pack Cherry

The backside of the quilt shows you how we used up some of the leftovers and added them to a piece of solid – so we have a kind of reversible quilt. We used an oll over pantho as quilting, a graphic rectangle spiral.

Zen Chic Sphere Charm Pack Cherry

For those of you, who are new to quilting and love to have some guidance – here is a wonderful video showing exactly step by step how simple to sew this quilt is.

You sew together all the squares and get – tataaaa! – your (Sphere) version of the Charm Pack Cherry quilt.


There are so many different appealing fabric groups available as Charm Packs – it will be hard to choose. But all make this pattern a success!

Charm Pack Cherry free pattern

Charm Pack free Pattern

Cham Pack free pattern  

I guess now your fingers itch just thinking about this – so why not click below to get a super deal? This week (only) Fatquartershop offers a 20% discount on all Charm Pack! (psst – spread this to your best friend)

Charm pack free pattern

Happy Quilting and Enjoy!

8 Kommentare:

Kirsten hat gesagt…

Fabulous quilt - love these prints with the darker grey solid!

janequiltsslowly hat gesagt…

Love your version of this quilt! I'm a Zen Chic fan, you are very well represented in my stash.

DebraKay Neiman hat gesagt…

I love your version of this quilt, especially the fabric. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

DebraKay Neiman hat gesagt…

I love the way you quilted this one, love sphere. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

Snowinmay hat gesagt…

I like your quilt! This one is on my "to do" list. I haven't decided yet which fabric I use.

Jan hat gesagt…

Brigitte, what solid fabric did you use in your quilt? I love this solid with the Sphere collection. Super excited about winning your Sphere Fat Quarter bundle. :)

Jan hat gesagt…

I really love the solid you used on the back also. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

Wholesale Liberty Bags hat gesagt…

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