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Fragile Fabrics – a modern, graphic Scandinavian Style collection

Mittwoch, 20. September 2017

I love Albert Einstein’s quote saying

 “Creativity is intelligence having fun”

It’s what I experience:

having fun with gathering ideas, playing around with sketches and scribbles, putting together various color schemes. And then comes the brain into play when deciding on what works for the current trends, what works for my audience, how to group pattern ideas to find a well curated group. And both is part of my creative process.

FRAGILE is a Scandinavian living style inspired collection, 

which has hit stores these days. If you are looking for pureness and simplicity, this collection has it all. It appeals with sophisticated modern graphics and a harmonious color palette.

The color scheme 

contrasts the lightness of white and the darkness of charcoal and bridges this gap with hues of silver and graphite and a warming saffron. The delicate fine-line patterns speak the language of fragility: flimsy blossoms flittering in the air, a net of little dots and thin stripes, fragments of plus signs and text pages.

If this fabric line would quote a poem, it would read like:

“…caught between a strong mind and a fragile heart.”

Check out our list of stockists 

to find the fabrics or ask your local shop owner for the line.

While I'm writing this blog post, I'm already up for creating new sewing projects. The mustard colored fabrics are reminding me of the warm color scheme of fall. Maybe I'll design a modern fragile quilt, which is inspired by the Indian Summer.

Do you also have inspiration? 

I'm curious to hear of your ideas, just leave a comment below!

Happy quilting




2 Kommentare:

Liz hat gesagt…

Finally! When I heard about this collection months ago, I was so in love and I had a feeling it would be my favorite fabric collection this year. Well ... it still holds that spot! It's amazing!

Brenda E. hat gesagt…

I love It! These go so well with all the blues from navy to teal. Most of my projects have at least one of your fabrics in it.


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