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How to use APPLIQUÉ as a magic bullet to create a modern look of a quilt

Mittwoch, 18. Oktober 2017

What is Appliqué?

Appliqué is a special technique. 
It describes the method of sewing pieces of fabric on background to create an interesting design. 
There are many different appliqué methods, but my favorite one is the RAW-EDGE-APPPLIQUÉ. 
It's easy to learn and supports the sophisticated and modern character of a minimalistic quilt by using different fabrics and seams as a design element. 

Which sewing supplies do I need to use Appliqué as a sewing method?

- design template & fabrics
- scissors, pencil & fusible web
- iron
- needle & thread (matching to the fabric) / sewing machine

Appliqué: step-by-step instruction

step 1: 

Choose your favorite design element, which you want to apply on a background fabric. 
Take the fusible web, place it with rough side on the template and trace the outline of the element.

step 2: 

Roughly cut out the element on your fusible web, place it with the rough side on your fabric, which you want to apply. 

step 3: 

Iron both together and cut out the shape exactly on the lines.

step 4:

Remove the adhesive paper from the fusible web and place it with this side on the background fabric.

SECRET TIP: use a needle to scratch the adhesive paper (the paper will rip and you can easily remove it)

step 5:

Iron both and use a the buttonhole/zigzag/blanket stitch to the edges of the element's shape. 

All done!

Why Appliqué?

Appliqué is an easy method to create and realize different and difficult design elements on a quilt, which you couldn't put into practice with "normal" piecing techniques. 

quilt pattern NEWS designed by Brigitte Heitland and published in Zen Chic Inspired

How to use Appliqué?

Applique is an versatile technique. You can achieve different design effects and great vivacity. 
Interesting and contrasting color combination of fabrics and threads bring the quilt into a modern effect. A sophisticated and calm design is achieved by matching and consistent color schemes.

You can also play with the fabrics' colors and forms to create interesting geometric and non-geometric designs. 

In my book ZEN CHIC INSPIRED I introduce and show you a lot of different patterns and design elements. You can choose between super-sweet-reindeer-designs, quotes on quilts, graphic structures, and other great quilt inspirations!
quilt pattern BLACK AND WHITE designed by Brigitte Heitland and published in Zen Chic Inspired

 quilt pattern BLISS designed by Brigitte Heitland and published in Zen Chic Inspired 
quilt pattern PLAY, BABY designed by Brigitte Heitland and published in Zen Chic Inspired

Every pattern has a step-by-step-instruction, material list, ideas for fabrics and the best: sketched out templates! So, I already did the necessary preparations! Your are able to start directly sewing your favorites!

For everyone, 

who already has inspirations and ideas, but don't know, how to make their individual designed elements:

Don't worry - I'll give you a guideline!
There you can also learn, how to create design elements by yourself matching to your interior style and quilt design. 

I'm very excited to see your final quilts using the APPLIQUÉ technique! 

Use the hashtag #zenchicinspired to share your beauties with us quilt-addicts!

Have fun applying and sewing, 


BTW: Follow the link to explore more Zen Chic patterns, which include the technique APPLIQUÉ. Here's a little overview from some examples!

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