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2 modern geometric pillow cases - a DIY project

Dienstag, 7. November 2017

Winter is coming and you love nothing better than to spend your time in your cozy home? I'm totally with you!
So, what about a new project, that will give your favorite places a new and fresh, but also a comfy style?

I've created a new project pattern called GEOMETRIC PILLOWS. 

They are going well with couches and armchairs, what are you thinking?

The combination of minimalistic graphic prints in a Scandinavian color scheme and the geometric design of the pillows will breath life into your cozy interior design and freshen up the atmosphere. You see: my modern collection FRAGILE goes well with a cozy and winter's mood without creating a cold atmosphere due to the clean style.

The cases have a size of 16"x16", which is perfect for tiny couch-pillows.

The pattern is featured in the MODERN PATCHWORK magazine. 

Modern Patchwork has published the exact step-by-step instructions. They are easily to understand through detailed illustrations. You won't have any problems when you are cutting the single stripes in the right shapes - I promise!

You wonder, how to sew basic envelope backs for pillows?

MODERN PATCHWORK magazine will explain in this issue also two different, but easy ways how to create a pillow back with or without a binding! 

So if you love modern patterns, like to have a guide, which takes you by the hand, and are interested in learn new techniques - check your local magazine retailer or follow the link to visit MODERN PATCHWORKS's website. 

Enjoy reading, 



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