Dear reader, this blog was a nice place for quite a while to share my thoughts and stories. Meanwhile I got a new website and so I continue writing on my new's site blog.


Thank you.

Liebe Leserin, dieser Blog war für lange Zeit ein sehr netter Ort, meine Gedanken und Geschichten mit dir zu teilen. Inzwischen habe ich eine neue Website erstellt und werde jetzt den Blog dort fortsetzen.


und: "Danke!"


Freitag, 2. März 2007

Inspired by the excellent hints of Bonnie Hunter how to use all your stash I tried the “Hidden Pinwheels” and sewed a few blocks of leftovers of a bed quilt I had given to my mother. (I’m not so in love with all the “brownies”, but in her house those colors fit so well).

I separated the scraps in two halves: lights and darks. And so you can find out a pattern, one block has a darker rhombus, the next a lighter one.

It was a fun using the hints for efficient sewing.

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Nettie hat gesagt…

Oh, it's beautiful! Lovely design, great colors. I don't remember seeing a pattern like this on Bonnie's site. I love the dimensions of these blocks.

Your color exercises obviously pay off! I've always wanted to make a quilt where the colour scheme of the whole quilt is planned out ahead of time like that. So far, i tend to just put things together on the fly, as i go.

Brigitte hat gesagt…

Thank you so much, your nice comment really made my day!

To give credit to my inspiration here a link

I think both are talents, different, but of equal importance. To be able just to play with colors, to go ahead by what you find and - on the other hand - to plan and follow consequently your guidance.

dee hat gesagt…

I can't remember how I found your site but I'm crazy about your design and color choices. Wonderful work.


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