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Fabric choices for the modern quilter

Dienstag, 29. November 2011

These are the modern green fabric’s I’ve chosen to match the below palette. Let’s see which quilt pattern I can get out of those. BTW there are so much pleasing graphic prints on the market, which new fabric line is your favorite and why?

modern Fabric choice green
From left to right:

  1. Desert Bloom by Jane Dixon Large Cactus Teal for Andover
  2. Hyperreal Garden Illusion in Fresh by Art Gallery fabrics
  3. Jewels in Light Green from Outfoxed by Lizzy House for Andover
  4. Jewels in Dark Green from Outfoxed by Lizzy House for Andover
  5. Michael Miller TA DOT LAGOON Jade Green Citron Lime Polka Dot
  6. Illusion in Turquoise from 1001 Peeps by Lizzy House for Andover
  7. Fez in Verte from Moroccan Mirage by Khristian Howell for Anthology
  8. Circle pattern from the Mixmaster-Monochromatix collection by Patrick Lose for Robert Kaufman Fabrics
  9. Little apples by Annela Hoey for Moda

    gruen Last Tuesday I had this bunch of luggage in such vibrant shades of turquoise, forest, mint, gold and grey as my inspiration for a color scheme.

    Color choice grün

Letzten Dienstag stand das Bild mit dem üppigen Gepäck in Jade, Tannengrün, Türkis, Grau und Gold Pate für mein Farbschema in Grün. Und dies sind nun die modernen, graphischen Stoffe, die ich ausgesucht habe, um diesem Farbschema zu entsprechen. Mal sehen, welches Quiltmuster ich dann bis nächste Woche daraus machen kann. Übrigens gibt es ja so viele tolle graphische Stoffdrucke, gerade sind wieder eine Menge neuer herausgekommen.

Welches ist deine Lieblingskollektion und weshalb?

4 Kommentare:

Susanne hat gesagt…

ah eine meiner Lieblingskollektionen hast du schon gezeigt: 1001 Peeps. Generell finde ich Lizzy House Stoffe toll. Dann gibt es noch Tufted Tweeds und so ziemlich alles von Kate Spain :)

Carol hat gesagt…

mmm, I find I'm using Fez by Khristian Howell in a few colors including the green for various projects. I love the warm gold in that line. I just picked up a bunch from her Rendezvous collection, but I haven't decided on a project yet. I also just got Echo by Lotta Jansdotter, who I adore. I'd like to make a purse from it. The simple, organic graphics combined with the particular colors in that collection really appeal to me.

Kirsten hat gesagt…

I really love Echo too :)

Katherine hat gesagt…

Great fabric choices! Excited to see how you will use them.

I'm currently searching out the right fabrics in shades of blue (with no florals allowed, as per the request of the recipient of my quilt... my youngest teenaged son). My current favourite line? Lark by Amy Butler. I'm always drawn to the large florals and colours she uses as I find them lively and free-spirited.


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