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Color choices for the modern quilter

Dienstag, 22. November 2011

We didn’t have green so far, did we? So time for a green color scheme.
Hey wouldn’t you like to have this kind of bags and boxes? No, not this mass of baggage to carry, but this delicious color which would you let easily find all your suitcases among the boring brown, black, grey whatever luggage at the airport conveyor belt?
green color scheme image credit: Anya Hindmarch

Color scheme green

The last few days had been very busy. Do you know the feeling when you look inside a mirror and are wondering why the face you see seems so much older than the heart you feel inside? Do they really belong together?
I mostly feel young at heart, sometimes even silly like a young girl. There are so many ideas, and yes still dreams living in my mind that life could last twice as many years as so far. Only my mirror speaks other words and my identity card makes clear that most years of my life are over now – calculated statistically and realistically –  a couple of days ago I celebrated my 50th birthday!
50 Rosen zu meinem Geburtstag_a Oh I was spoiled, my sweetheart surprised my by 50 roses and a weekend trip, my family had funny ideas to give me memories of the past fifty years of my life, my children made an amazing book for me: They collected pages of personal memories and words written by each meaningful person of my life: My brother shared memories of our childhood which I had nearly forgotten, my sister listed all the moments we had to burst out in laughing when we were together.  We had a really great day together!
50er Geburtstag_12_a
And it is good to take such a day to look back on your life’s journey: To see what you’ve been going through, your struggles, but most of all what you have gotten and all the blessings.
When I look back on my life’s journey there is something I’d like to pass on you: never ever give up on your dreams!
Some know about my life that I took studies in design as a young girl, but because I was a rebel and had a fight with my professor I left without a diploma. For many years I took care for my children by earning a regular income in an office. I was about 48 years when I quitted a quite secure job to go for my dreams.
During all these years my daughter saw me as a designer (just a short time distracted in an office job for some practical reasons) and encouraged me by saying: “Well, Mum, nice fabrics you bought for your shop, and I’m sure one day you will have your own fabric line to sell in your shelves” - “This quilt you made looks beautiful and I’m curious how much more awesome your quilts will look when you’ll eventually use your own fabric line”.
She even surprised me one day when I came home from the office with a room of our house remodeled as a design studio for me.
Well, it took it’s time,  but it’s never too late to make your dreams come true (unless you dream to become the Olympic gold medalist in the javelin).
So dear one, if you are just in the years to build up your life or at the age of looking back on many years – hold on your dreams cause they're precious having and don't let anyone ever steal them from you. Remember, that life is what you choose, follow your dreams and do what you love to do.
Tell me about your dreams! What would you like to do one day?
Wir hatten bislang noch kein grünes Farbschema, oder? Dann wird es jetzt Zeit!

Hey, würdest du nicht gerne solche Taschen und Kisten haben? Nein, ich mein natürlich nicht diese Massen an Gepäck zu schleppen, sondern mehr die außerordentliche Farbe, die einen einen solchen Koffer sehr leicht unter all den langweiligen braunen, schwarzen und grauen auf dem Flughafenförderband finden ließe.

I link this post to W.I.P. Wendsday @ freshly pieced

14 Kommentare:

Toni hat gesagt…

Happy Birthday, Brigitte! It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday with lots of people who love you!

Pat Merkle hat gesagt…

Happy Birthday! I so understand, I will be 50 in a couple of weeks. Congratulations on following your dreams.

stufenzumgericht hat gesagt…

Liebe Brigitte,
auch von mir ganz herzliche Geburtstagsgrüße zum 50.!!!

JaneRH hat gesagt…

Brigitte--I stumbled upon your blog one day and have just loved your design sense, especially your incredible intuitive sense of color. I too believe you should never quit on your dreams: I am returning to graduate school after 30 years away from academics to pursue my passion in horticulture. Happy Birthday and keep pursuing your dream!

Sequana hat gesagt…

Happy Belated Birthday!! You'll love being over the hill. :)

My dream always has been and ever will be thin.

I have discovered that's much more difficult that wanting to throw the javelin.

Westfalenmaedel hat gesagt…

Liebe Brigitte,

auch von hier ganz herzlichen Glückwunsch ! Bist du echt schon 50 ? Kaum zu glauben ;o)
Ich finde es so bewundernswert, dass du deinen Traum verwirklicht hast. Wie verschwendet wäre deine Kreativität und dein gutes Gespür für Farben & Stoffe in einem grauen Büro?

Ganz besonders liebe Grüße aus Delbrück sendet dir

Esch House Quilts hat gesagt…

Happy birthday! I just turned 51 a few days ago too.

I'm trying to follow my dream to a career in the quilting industry - I'm getting there :)

Maureen T. hat gesagt…

A Very Happy Birthday!! You are an inspiration!

blauraute hat gesagt…

Liebe Brigitte,
auch von mir ganz herzliche Glückwünsche nachträglich zum Geburtstag und alles Gute. Bei einem meiner nächsten Besuche in Versmold werde ich bei Dir Stoffe für meinen schwarz-weißen Blockzeitquilt aussuchen, denn ich habe wunderschöne Grautöne gesehen. Gut, dass Du Deinen Bürojob hingeschmissen hast, so komme ich doch noch zu meinem Traumquilt.
Liebe Grüße und eine gute Zeit

quilthexle hat gesagt…

Auch von mir nachträglich alles Gute zum Geburtstag !! Ich glaube, Du bist für ne ganze Menge Leute ein Vorbild ... jedenfalls für mich ;-)) Und ich hoffe doch sehr, daß Du die nächsten 50 Jahre noch quietschvergnügt durchs Quilterland hier unten auf Erden sausen wirst !! Mach' weiter so ... Und einen lieben Gruß an Deine Tochter, unbekannterweise, die darauf bestanden hat, daß Du Deinem Talent folgst.

Kirsten hat gesagt…

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Brigitte!! Lovely flowers and so nice to have your family to celebrate with you!

Carol hat gesagt…

It looks like you had a lovely, special birthday. I'm just a few years behind you! My dream is to have a studio to work out of and to make things out of yarn or fabric.

Katherine hat gesagt…

Belated Happy Birthday, Brigitte! Sounds like a beautiful celebration on your special day. So moving to read about your dreams and the loving support you've had from your family. Very happy that you never let go of your dreams and thank you for encouraging each of us to do the same. My own dreams involve fabric and creativity and sharing with others... I haven't worked it all out yet, but I do know what makes me happy and know that sewing is a large part of that.

Martin hat gesagt…

Du solltest jedes Jahr so einen schönen Geburtstag feiern.
Spannende 365 Tage. Martin


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